The quick guide to 12 places in your business you can use stock photos.

  1. Website – sales page, sign up pop-up, optin page, banners, buttons
  2. Blog – blog posts, graphics
  3. Instagram – posts, stories
  4. Facebook – posts, stories, group header, page header
  5. Pinterest – pins, video pins
  6. Presentations – slide deck, workshops
  7. Courses – slides, workbooks, checklists
  8. Freebies – pdf, ebook, checklist, quiz
  9. Etsy – shop header
  10. Email – header, graphics
  11. E-books
  12. Promotions and Ads – graphics

Stock photos are so versatile, so the ways you can use stock photos in your business are numerous. Make sure to check the usage licence that came with the stock photos to ensure your intended use of the photos is permitted.

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