About Savvy stock

We all know having great visual content is important for your business or brand, right?

But we don’t always know how or even have the time to achieve it. Business can be hard with so many things to do and so many hats to wear.
Savvy Stock is here to help!
A library full of gorgeous, styled, and professional images ready to download and use. Easy and time-saving.ย 

the savvy stock mission

All women in business deserve access to time-saving, affordable and professional imagery for their business or brand.


Hi there, I’m Michelle your fellow female entrepreneur and founder of Savvy Stock, here to make biz life a little bit easier for you.
I have an accounting and business background and fell in love with portrait photography over ten years ago, when I photographed newborns, oh those baby cuddles were the best. Over time, I started working with small business makers & creators photographing their products and providing them with images and content for their marketing, which led me to the wonderful world of stock photography.
You can always find me with a cup of tea in hand and I love nothing more than a good old weekend Netflix binge.  

savvy stock founder michelle buchanan

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