Welcome to Styled Stock Photography by Michelle Buchanan Photography & Design.

We all know having great visual content is king right?  But we don’t always know how to or even have the time to achieve it.

When I worked as a handmade market and product photographer, local makers would always ask me how to get great photos, or they would tell me it took hours to get just one usable image.  Photography was a common source of frustration for them.

A photo of Michelle Buchanan from Michelle buchanan photography and design.
Business can be hard with so many things to do and so many hats to wear.
  • I want to make having quality, professional photography easy for you.
  • I want to save you time, frustration and money too.
  • I want you to get on with the business of doing business by providing you with a quick, easy, painless, and affordable way to have the perfect photos for your visual content.

I create professional and versatile styled stock photography for YOU, so that you can build your brand, attract and connect with your ideal client and strengthen your online presence with ease.

Get on with the business of doing business with Styled Stock Photography from Michelle Buchanan Photography & Design.  Check out the shop now.