How to Create an Amazing Flatlay

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Flatlays, we’ve all seen them right? They’ve been around a little while now and we see them used everywhere. Next time you are flicking through a magazine notice just how many flatlays you see. Flatlays have their place in your visual content strategy especially if you have a product to sell or showcase. Are you […]

What is Styled Stock Photography

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Are you wondering what the heck is Styled Stock Photography?  You’ve seen it everywhere, right, so let me explain. What is Styled Stock Photography? The supply of stock photos has been around for decades, where photographs are purchased from stock photo agencies with a usage licence for commercial use. We commonly think of stock photos […]

How to Use Styled Stock Photography: Cropping

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Hi friends, you may be wondering how to use styled stock photography.  I am going to do a series of posts explaining some of the many different ways you can use styled stock photos for your business.  Today we are looking at cropping. Because MB styled stock photos are high resolution they are able to […]