Where to find cute gifs for instagram stories

I love using gifs on Instagram Stories especially if they are oh so cute. But finding nice gifs quickly and easily can be tricky so here is a list I made of some cute gifs for Instagram Stories that I have found. So bookmark this page or save it to Pinterest so you can find these aesthetically pleasing gifs quickly and easily.

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To find the gifs enter the search term you see in the screenshots below into the gif search bar when you are creating your Instagram Story. The search term is typically the gif creator’s name or a genre.

Alternately here is a list of the search terms I used.

  • simple
  • hanmade
  • mikyla
  • floweringwords
  • katefullydaily
  • boho
  • vipapier
  • greendotori
  • gifsfromcarola
  • helenbucher
  • studiojonesie
  • dindaps
  • malena
  • haleyivers
  • lidi
  • happyal
  • lissali