Our businesses, brands and blogs need constant visual content and it can be time-consuming consistently creating the content you need whether that be social media posts, Pinterest pins, website photos and graphics. Let me tell you of four ways using stock photos SAVES YOU TIME!

Stock photos are wonderful and you don’t need to use them exclusively. Mix them up with photos and graphics you have created yourself or photos you’ve had a photographer create for you. Stock photos are just so convenient and are an affordable and efficient way to boost your visual content library.

We need constant visual content and it can be time-consuming consistently creating the content you need. Here are four ways using stock photos SAVES YOU TIME!

4 Ways Using Stock Photos Saves You Time

1. No need to spend time planning a photo shoot.

Planning the what, how, when, where and why of what you are going to photograph takes time. Spending time here does make for efficient prop sourcing and photo shoot.

2. No need to waste time (and $) sourcing props.

While prop shopping may be enjoyable, the cost, not so much. It also takes a lot of time searching for just the right props across many different stores.

3. No need to spend time setting up, styling, taking photos and tidying up.

This is likely THE most time-consuming part of creating your own visual content. You will need to set up the area where you are going to shoot, probably move some furniture around and gather all of your props and equipment. Then you need to style the scene you are going to photograph. You would be surprised how much tweaking is involved just to get that one perfect photo. Oh and then we all know packing up and putting everything away at the end is the worst, right?

4. No need to spend time selecting and editing photos.

Editing! This is just a time warp in itself. First, you will have to go through the hundreds of photos you took just to find the handful of perfect ones you are happy with. Using presets does make editing quicker, but every photo will require editing and tweaking whether you use presets or not.

Savvy Stock - Stock Photo Membership

So instead of spending a day or two taking your own photos, using stock photos will allow you to spend your precious time doing other things in your business or doing things you truly love to be doing, like self-care or time with your family. You will wonder how you ever did business without stock photos.

The stock photos in the MBPD Stock Shop and the Savvy Stock Members Library are ready to download and use straight away. Let’s make visual content easy.

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