Adding text to a stock photo is just one of the many ways that stock photos can be customised. Today I have a video tutorial showing you just how quick and easy it is to add text to a stock photo using Adobe Photoshop.

Image of a small indoor plant on a white background with a text overlay that says "How to add text to stock photos using Photoshop". Created by Michelle Buchanan Photography and Design.

Why add text to a stock photo?

  • to create a Pinterest graphic.
  • to create an inspirational quote.
  • to create a marketing message, notice or ad.
  • to create a call to action on a photo
  • to create a website header or graphic for your website.

Video Tutorial

To clarify, at 7:09 in the video I was referring to the paint bucket tool not the paint brush tool.

The stock photo used is available from my styled stock shop here.
The font is one I have purchased, called Blooming Elegant by Nicky Laatz and is available here.