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savvy stock styled stock photos creator

Hey, nice to meet you

I am Michelle, the woman behind Michelle Buchanan Photography & Design and  Savvy Stock.

I create gorgeous ready-to-use styled photos to save you the time and frustration of having to take your own photos for your visual content for things like your social media posts, your website or anywhere else you need professional looking photos in your business or brand.

I love a good cup of tea, especially first thing in the morning. My husband and I have three young adult/teen children. All of them live at home with us and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Well, most of the time 😉. Brisbane, Australia is our home and we share our lives with a dog, four chickens and array of wildlife that has taken up residence in the treed area of our yard.

My photography career began as a baby and family photographer and I was also the resident photographer for local handmade markets. It was while working with makers and creators that I discovered my love for product photography and working with businesswomen and this led to styled stock photography. I truly believe all women in business should have access to affordable gorgeous professional photos for their business making business life just that little bit easier and prettier.