Privacy Notice

Issue no: 2
Issue date: 21 January 2019

1. Introduction

Michelle Buchanan Photography & Design provides styled stock photography and tutorials relating to photography and styled stock images to interested people. The privacy and security of our audience and clients are of paramount importance, so we’re committed to protecting the data you share with us. This private notice explains how Michelle Buchanan Photography & Design processes information that can be used to directly or indirectly identify an individual (“personal data”) collected through the use of our website and services.

For the purposes of this notice, the term ‘website’ will refer to, the term ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’ or ‘business’ will refer to Michelle Buchanan Photography & Design and the term ‘visitor’, ‘your’ or ‘you’ will be used to encompass all the types of people interacting with Michelle Buchanan Photography & Design, including site visitors, clients & customers.

Before using this website please read the Privacy Notice carefully. By using the website or by clicking to accept or agree to the Terms of Use when this option is made available to you, you accept and agree to be bound and abide by the Privacy Notice.  You must not access or use the website if you do not agree with the Privacy Notice.

Any information stored by Michelle Buchanan Photography & Design is treated as confidential. All information is secured and accessed only by authorised personnel, with appropriate security measures in place to protect against breach or loss.

2. Information Collection and Use

2.1 Email & personal details

If you are a visitor to our website, you will be offered various downloads, products, offers or services. Should you choose to access a part of Michelle Buchanan Photography & Design that is not freely available, e.g. a lead-generation offer or paid product, you will be asked to provide your name and email address and agree to receive ongoing (relevant) communications.  If you do not grant the requested consent, accessing the special offers or products may not be possible.

Depending on which offer or product you are accessing, your data will be processed in one or more of the following ways:

 1. Added to Michelle Buchanan Photography & Design email marketing list. This is processed via a service who themselves adhere to privacy laws with strong security. When you open or click links in our emails, your action will be automatically noted so that Michelle Buchanan Photography & Design can serve you better. View their safeguards here

 2.Processed as part of your purchase or order from us. Information collected is used for the purpose of fulfilling your order. If we have trouble processing an order, we’ll use this information to contact you.

 3.Payment securely processed by Stripe or Paypal, who themselves adhere to privacy laws with strong security. Review their security here and here. At no time are credit card details processed by Michelle Buchanan Photography & Design itself, nor are they stored on Michelle Buchanan Photography & Design host server.

4. Your purchase from our Etsy Shop or Creative Market Shop. I share information with Etsy and Creative Market as necessary to provide you our services and comply with our obligations under the Etsy Seller Policy, the Etsy Terms of Use and the Creative Market Terms of Service for Shops. Review their policies here and here. At no time are credit card details processed by Michelle Buchanan Photography & Design itself, nor are they stored on Michelle Buchanan Photography & Design host server.

2.2 Cookies and Pixels
Cookies are temporary, small pieces of information sent to a visitor’s hard disk. They can’t run programs or deliver viruses, nor can they track your behaviour in alarming ways. The Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics are both cookies used by Michelle Buchanan Photography & Design exclusively for the purpose of tracking which pages on Michelle Buchanan Photography & Design website you’ve visited and for how long. Rather than record that Mr A. User visited and did x, y, z, they function more to record that a visitor from country or IP address (eg Australia or 10. 52. 9. 54) landed on this page, clicked this page next, and stayed for 5 minutes. These type of cookies are used by Michelle Buchanan Photography & Design to ensure we deliver content our visitors enjoy and find useful, as well as to create new styled stock photos and collections for our clients.
If you are on Facebook or Instagram, they may result in you being shown our ads.
Although most browsers are initially set to accept cookies, you may reset your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie or to reject cookies generally. Most browsers offer instructions on how to do so in the “Help” section of the toolbar.

2.3 Links to other sites
Please be aware that when we link to other sites outside Michelle Buchanan Photography & Design, they are outside our sphere of influence. We cannot be held responsible for their content, nor their privacy notices.

2.4 Right to review & update
If you wish to inquire about your personal data held by Michelle Buchanan Photography & Design, please request by email at [email protected].

3. Retention & deletion

3.1 Automated unsubscribe
At the bottom of every email sent by Michelle Buchanan Photography & Design, you will see an ‘unsubscribe’ link. This instantly stops all automated communications to you from Michelle Buchanan Photography & Design, including support for paid products & services.

3.2 Manual unsubscribe
If you are a client of Michelle Buchanan Photography & Design and we have a working relationship, hitting unsubscribe does not cease communications, particularly if we are mid-project. These communications are 1:1, normal-type between professionals and stop at the completion of project.

3.3 Right to be forgotten
You have the right to request ALL your data is stripped of personal identifiers. As a general subscriber, this means you’d be deleted from the list. If you’ve bought a product, your private data will be replaced with generic, non-identifying numbers (such as ‘buyer 24’)

4. Information from children
We are committed to protecting the privacy of children. Our offerings are generally not designed for or directed to children, and are only for use by individuals who are 18 years and older. On our Website, we do not collect personal data from any person we actually know is under the age of 18. In the online space particularly, parents or guardians are urged to participate in their children’s exploration of the Internet and to teach their children about protecting their personal information while online.

5. Acceptance of these conditions
We have the right to assume all visitors have carefully read this notice, particularly when they are explicitly agreeing to its terms. If someone does not agree with this policy, they should refrain from using our website or offers. We have the right to update our privacy notice as necessary, and this will be reflected with versioning details as per the top of this notice.

6. Sharing of personal information
At no time other than disclosed in 2.1 above (for required processing) will we share your data. This includes selling or renting it to third parties.

7. Our legal obligation to disclose personal information
We will reveal a visitor’s personal information without their permission only when we are required to by law.

8. Further information or action
If you have questions regarding Michelle Buchanan Photography & Design’s privacy notice, then please contact us at [email protected]