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This product (image/s) is a digital download file. No physical product will be shipped. Due to the nature of digital products, there are no refunds.  The buyer is responsible for owning, having access to and the knowledge of the software to download, use and edit the files.

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Under this usage licence you may:

  • crop, resize or change the orientation of the photo
  • add text or filters to the photo
  • overlay the photo with your own product images
  • use the photo on your website, blog, social media platforms
  • use the photo in your print media
  • use the photo in presentations
  • use the photo ‘as-is’
  • use the photo in e-books or guides, however not on the front cover, an extended licence can be purchased for this use.

Under this usage licence you may not:

  • sub-license, transfer, loan or resell the photo
  • give away the photo for free, either in its entirety or part of the image
  • claim the image as your own
  • use the image on derivative products for sale where the image is the main component of the product.  For example, mugs, t-shirts, home decor items, logos, art prints or posters, magazine covers. An extended licence can be purchased for this use.
  • use the photo in any way that can be deemed to be pornographic, defamatory, libellous, unlawful or otherwise inappropriate way.

Photo credit or attribution to Michelle Buchanan Photography & Design is not required, however, it is always appreciated. #mbphotodesignau @michellebuchanan_au