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Are you wondering what the heck is Styled Stock Photography?  You’ve seen it everywhere, right, so let me explain.

How to use Styled Stock Photography by Michelle Buchanan Photography & Design

What is Styled Stock Photography?

The supply of stock photos has been around for decades, where photographs are purchased from stock photo agencies with a usage licence for commercial use. We commonly think of stock photos being used by magazines, news agencies, publishing houses and corporate businesses.

With the rise of female entrepreneurs and small business startups, there is a different type of stock photo that has evolved over the last few years called styled stock photography. Styled stock photos also can be purchased with a usage licence, however, they typically, as the name suggests are high quality, professional photos of styled and curated scenes. They are particularly targeted towards the female entrepreneur, influencer and blogger. Think desktop scenes, floral and stationery flat lays, crisp bright white backgrounds and lifestyle scenes. The images are usually centred around a color scheme or a particular theme.

Styled stock photos are generally available for purchase directly from the photographer creating the images whether that is through a shop they have on an online marketplace like Creative Market and Etsy, or directly from their website. Subscription or membership services are also available from some creators where you pay a monthly, quarterly or annual fee for access to their entire styled stock library.

How are Styled Stock Photos used?

Styled stock photos can be used in so many fantastic ways, the possibilities are endless, but here are just some:

  • On your website eg. headers, buttons, pop-ups
  • Social media posts
  • Email campaigns
  • Pinterest graphics
  • Social graphics
  • Print media eg. brochures, business cards
  • Paid ads and promotions
  • Blog posts
  • Showcase your product by overlaying the image with a photo of your product. eg. E-books, invitations, art

Why use Styled Stock Photos?

  • Planning visual content is easy. The photos are done, ready to go. You can create a cohesive visual presence with minimal effort.
  • Time-saving. You don’t have to take your own photos which would involve planning the images you need, sourcing props, styling the scenes, taking the photos and editing the photos. All the hard work is done. You can spend your precious time doing what you do best in your business.
  • Cost-saving. No need to buy fancy photography equipment and a bundle of props you’ll likely never use again.
  • Styled stock photos look professional and stylish. They grab attention and create an outstanding first impression.
  • Custom photography services may not in your budget.
  • You don’t know how or just don’t want to take your own photos.

A Word about Usage Licences

Let’s discuss styled stock usage licences for a moment. Not all licences are created equal. When you are purchasing styled stock photos make sure you read the usage licence terms so that you are certain of what you can and cannot do with the images you buy.

So there you have it. A brief explanation of what styled stock photography is, how it is used and why you need to use it.

I’m sure now you’ll be wanting to utilise the wonderful resource that is styled stock photos. You will find hundreds of ready to download and use styled stock photos in the MBPD Stock Shop and inside of the Savvy Stock Membership.